Friday, November 6, 2015

Just a little notice on our reader website

Our reader went down because it can't carry a capacity of having thousands of visitors a day and the server can't handle it. We're working on it now so you can continue to browse and read it there...

Well, that being said of having thousands of visitors a day, I just want to take for your continuous support! please do wait for a day or after the weekend ends for us to fixed our reader... again, thank you. if you want to read our new releases, you can download it. The links are available on our Slug Chicks website.
again, Thank you for everyone supporting us!

You can still read our releases by downloading it on our posts the links for downloading is still working which is nice. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[Kouishou Radio] Vol. 2 Chapters 19 - 22

special mention to Aisha for mailing us the manga of Kouishou Radio upto Volume 3~
weeee... thank you thank you so much!
I hope you guys stay tuned for our other releases.


We're also sorry for not having a blast this Halloween since all of our staffs are busy. And we continue to scanlate because of you guys. So, no harsh feelings okay?